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Cleaning a carpet runner     Whether you are cleaning a wall to wall carpet in your home or office, or considering having an area rug taken out to our shop, you can be sure Nu-Mode will take of you from the very start. Our good reputation began decades ago, and we are committed to making sure your service experience is a very positive one from start to finish.

     Nu-Mode employs ultra-powerful state-of-the-art professional cleaning equipment light years ahead of other tools. Coupled with our skills and years of experience, we are able to offer you nothing less than what you deserve: our personal best.

     First we prepare all of the areas to be cleaned using industry-accepted professional cleaning compounds. The soils and harmful residues deep in your carpet fibers are rinsed out completely, leaving only pleasant freshness and a very clean environment behind for you and your loved ones. Drying time is at an absolute minimum with our powerful tools and truck-mounted machinery.


Red check markProfessional Upholstery Cleaning? Yes, we do!

Sofa cleaningBecause upholstered furniture is made in so many patterns, colors, and fabrics, it can be confusing how to care for it. We live on our furniture every day, and it can become soiled very easily without even our noticing it. Airborne particles, dust, oils, and small mishaps like spills can spoil the appearance of our sofas and chairs. Having your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned is an investment in the health of your home, because it removes contaminants and leaves the fabric in its original state of cleanliness. Why risk being in such close contact with soiled fabric?

     Our cleaning processes are varied depending on the soil level and type of material on your furniture. We are able to clean almost any natural fabric like cotton or silk, and even the newest synthetics like Microfiber and Ultra Suede. Upholstered chair cleaning

     Give your furniture a fresh start with our upholstery cleaning skills. We love cleaning your furniture, and it shows! Our gentle techniques and products respect the fabric, but are powerful enough to remove even the heaviest soiling.

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Commonly called steam cleaning, our equipment rinses out soils thoroughly with a hot pressurized spray of safe cleaning solutions. Immediately, this solution is vacuumed up with our ultra-powerful equipment, leaving your carpeting fresh, clean, and sanitized. Soils, stains, spills, and unwanted debris are removed completely from your carpeting and your home.

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